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Gregory Coster's work reflects
a classical background combined with a modern sensibility, an alchemy of old-world techniques blended with a personal approach that lends itself to the creation of jewels that are unique but timeless.
Many of Gregory's creations also utilize his extensive knowledge of Japanese mixed metal work (inspired by the samurai sword-makers) often carved, inlaid, and engraved.

His knowledge of the various periods of jewelry, his master-training, and his design talents are fertile grounds for the creation of distinctive, wearable works of art.

Gregory Coster imagines and creates jewels that are as individual as his clients.

Gregory began his private jewelry career as an apprentice at 12 years of age.

Under the guidance of a French jeweler, Gregory mastered the classical techniques of making custom-made fine jewelry.

He continued his formal education through the study of fine arts, art history, and art conservation.
In 1978, he opened his office in New York City and began selling rare period jewels and objets d'art while at the same time creating jewelry from his original designs for a worldwide clientele.
In 1981, Gregory began making jewelry utilizing the micro-pavé technique of setting very small stones to create “fields of color,” which has since become a major trend.

After 40 years, his work still continues to express his boundless imagination in each of his one-of-a-kind jewels.

Gregory David Coster

cell :     917  647-2340
office :   212 - 869-7668


10  West  47th  Street
Suite   706
New York,
NY 10036